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...playing classical music

before a concert with some of my piano-students
giving a lesson to Andreas Gro▀mann
just a photo...
Matthias Dammann - duo partner and famous guitar manufacturer
playing in a duo with Bernd Neurohr
playing trio with wife Conny and friend Bernd Neurohr
...playing trio
recital in a church
with new Ramirez Centenario

...playing rock music

first public concert - 13 years
"Black Souls" - 14 years
playing with "Dust" - 18 years
playing with "Dust" (second left)
my first Gibson - 20 years
"Head & Hands" - 38 years
...playing Ramirez 1a

...the family

our lovely daughter at four
our lovely daughter at fifteen
beautiful wife Conny
Akina and Conny
Akina enjoyed the guitar
my mom and me
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