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"All in all, the record is both in its concept and in its musical message a jewel. Here, the guitar is not only played, but music is made on the highest level."

ZUPFMUSIK Magazin (gmd)

"As impressive and clever the technical side of his performance seems to be, even more captivating is the systematic and musically reasoned handling of the technical devices, which are never an end in itself, but a functional element of a coherent artistic message."

Gitarre + Laute (Hanns Martin Schädlich)

"One of the most memorable albums of 1980 is this release on the Solist label called 'Masterworks for Guitar', which features a young German guitarist namend Horst Klee."

Guitar & Lute (Scott Bach)

"One can hardly remember ever having heard such nuanced, differentiated and soulful guitar-playing as by Horst Klee at his concert 'Virtuoso guitar music from
five centuries' at the conservartoire in Wiesbaden. The fascination was partly caused by virtuosity, but an even more important factor was the spiritual aspect, which was stressed by this virtuosity."

Wiesbadener Tagesblatt (Ga)

"His elaborate technique allows him to perform a sophisticated interpretation full of nuances so that the audience remained captivated by his performance at all times."

Allgemeine Zeitung (H. H. G.)

"When Horst Klee dabs the first quiet tones into the room his audience is instantly fascinated by the guitarist's sensitive perception of sounds that merges with a virtuosity of highest perfection into an interpretation, which is accomplished in every respect."

Heidelberger Tageblatt (Petra Löscher)

"But there is no need to hide, as he can confidently stand on one level with the 'immortals.' He demonstrates a very sophisticated fingering technique with the left hand, exhibiting quickness, precision and power which can only be gained by hard practice. Moreover, he performs an immaculate touch, which lets even the highest tones within quick broken chords sound pure and full of volume."

Frankfurter Rundschau (kat)

"A completely coherent rendition - that's what it's about. Klee plays his complete programme by heart, which does not necessarily seem to be a natural course of action concerning Britten's 'Nocturnal'. The audience demanded encores. On the other hand, one totally shared the listeners' enthusiasm. This guitar concert has been the most valuable concert that the critic has ever written about."

Wiesbadener Kurier (Helmut Hampel)

"Someone who is standing out from the majority of guitarists, whose hands know exactly what to do. Exceptionally musical, as well as meticulous and immaculate regarding the playing technique, a virtuoso displaying understanding and fulfilling what is expected from an excellent Violinist - their own tone."

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (hdw)

"You are a very fine guitarist, good sound, good technique and musicianship!"

Aus einem Brief von Christopher Parkening

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